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We have a huge selection of HITACHI TV parts. Use the search bar above with your HITACHI TV part number, board number or HITACHI TV model number. Contact us if you need help or have any questions relating to HITACHI TV parts. Find original HITACHI replacement, spare, or repair parts for your HITACHI TV.

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  1. AKAI PDP42 Main Board 771E42AA02-06
  2. Hitachi 32HDT20  Signal/Audio Board  JP04843

    Hitachi 32HDT20 Signal/Audio Board JP04843

    Contact : Andrew - tel: +1-410-662-6380 ext120 or Email 60 DAYS UNCONDITIONAL HASSLE-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FOR ANY REASON! Learn More
  3. Hitachi 32HDT20 Power Supply HA01023
  4. Hitachi 32HDT20 X-SUS Board FPF17R-XSS5010
  5. Hitachi 32HDT20 Y-SUS Board FPF17R-YSS5011
  6. Hitachi 32HDT50 X-SUS Board FPF17R-XSS5016
  7. Hitachi 32HDT50M Y-Main Board FPF17R-YSS5017
  8. Hitachi 32HDX60 Power Supply HA01122
  9. Hitachi 37PD5000 Y-Main Board 9-885-056-70
  10. Hitachi 42HDF39 Power Supply Unit 6693006618 (MPF7421)
  11. HITACHI 42HDF52 YSUS BOARD ND60200-0027
  12. Hitachi 42HDF52A Digital Board PWB-0890-01
  14. Hitachi 42HDS52 Power Supply HA01571
  15. Hitachi 42HDS52A X-Main Board FPF29R-XSS0037
  16. Hitachi 42HDS69 Power Supply HA01731 (MPF7428)

    Hitachi 42HDS69 Power Supply HA01731 (MPF7428)

    Hitachi 42HDS69 Power Supply HA01731 (MPF7428)PART TYPE:Power Supply PART NUMBER:HA01731 (MPF7428) Warranty: 60 day unconditional warranty. Money back guarantee. The board has been refurbished, it has been simply tested and found to be functioning as per the manufacturers specs. This item may or may not be in the original packaging.Please be sure that the Part Number and picture on your motherboard is EXACTLY as shown above. There are possibly sever... Learn More
  17. Hitachi 42HDS69 Sub-Digital Board JP50321
  18. Hitachi 42HDS69 Y-Main Board FPF33R-YSS0042
  20. Hitachi 42HDT20M Signal/Audio Board JP05406
  21. Hitachi 42HDT51 Terminal Board JP07731
  22. Hitachi 42HDX62 Power Supply HA01575
  23. Hitachi 42PD5000 X-Sustain Board 996500026824
  24. HITACHI 50HDA39 MAIN BOARD OEC7172A-018, CEF156A3

46 Item(s)

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